Sunday, 17 January 2010

Exams, how droll

So the first semester has gone by without a blog from me (sorry!) and I plan on blogging somewhat frequently for this next semester.
I am trying very hard to keep writing my fiction, and once my story is done I will try very hard to get that fiction published. Until then, I'll probably be entering writing contests and trying to win prizes, the eye of a publisher, etc, etc.
However, before I can pass the courses of this semester, I must write my exams. Which is no fun at all. Math especially, since I'm not too fond of it. However, I do have a 74% in math, the highest I've ever gotten in highschool math, and this is the last math course I will have to take. Ever. And when I mean ever, I mean I will never step foot in a math class again unless circumstances don't allow that.
So, all in all, I hope to continue writing my story and pass grade eleven mixed math! (Which is basically university/college math for those who may be confused.)
Have a good week!!!