Monday, 28 June 2010

Attacking Inanimate Objects

I have been noticing, recently, that my sleep is being disrupted by inanimate objects. My hand just seems to hit them on my bedside table and they seem to react.

The first time this happened I was dreaming of my brother. He was making a weird face and I went to push his face away. In the real world, his face was my fan. So I hit my fan and it didn't do anything, so I don't think it minded much. The second time this happened was sometime in the middle of the night, last night. I was half-awake and moved my hand in this big arc to pull my blankets closer to me, and hit my lamp. Now, I don't think the lamp liked that at all because it decided to fall on me, along with everything that sits on the lamp. After that I decided to just leave it until the morning. This meant that I had to sleep beside my lamp (which was lying on my pillow) and sometimes bump into it when I rolled over. Not a very good sleep! When I did wake up, I found everything that fell off my lamp (this includes a small bottle of moisturizer, hand sanitizer, deoderant, and a small container for odds and ends). Now I think I'm going to have to be a much more careful sleeper if I don't want the entire sidetable to jump me in the night.