Saturday, 12 June 2010

Car Shows and Restorations

I have just finished showering off all of the sunscreen of the day, only to get ready to go out again later. My dad took me to a British car show hosted by the British Sports Car Club of London, Canada. We drove there in his 1972 Triumph GT6, driving through about nine yellow lights. Anyway, when we got there we were the only car in our category. At this car show, they have categories and for each category, a car wins a prize. There is first, second, and third place prizes (I think!). Our category was the Triumph GT6/Spitfire category. The only difference between the two cars is that the GT6 is a hardtop and the Spitfire is a convertible. So we spent the morning looking at cars and talking to people about cars. My dad was telling me what cars are good for restoration and such (I would like to collect and restore cars once I become published) and how to choose those cars. Many cars were there for sale. The ones I liked were a 1957 Morgan for $22,000 and a 1972 MGB with chrome bumper for $8,000. I told my mom about the Morgan and she gave me 'the look'. She says I need to pay for university. I told her she could give me a loan. Anyway, at 2:00 all the ballots were handed in and we discovered that we won first place for our category! Again, the fact that we were the only car in our category had nothing to do with it. We would've won anyway. So now we have a shiny plaque to display at other car shows. Hurrah!!