Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Exams and Some Comic Relief

Well, I have finished my English exam! I have fashion and dance on Thursday, then travel & tourism on Friday. So now that English is done, I can focus more on my writing. My other exams are extremely easy and require much less brain power.

Today I found out that I had a conflict with some of my courses for next year, literature to be exact, so I had to go get that fixed. I sat there for over an hour just waiting to get in. Finally, when I did, I decided to drop world issues, since that was what was causing the issues. I told my guidance counsellor that I wanted my seven courses instead of six, so I had to find another one to take. The ones that I could take were chem, law, business, applied design, and a math course. I do not want to take math or science unless I am forced to so those courses were out. I did not want to do law or business, so those were out too. The course that I ended up taking was applied design. Since I had to go fix the conflict, I found out what my schedule is for next year. My schedule is looking like this: Semester 1 - English, dance, double lunch, literature. Semester 2 - Applied design, creative writing, art, lunch, french.

Since this blog seems to me to be much more serious than I am, I have a story for some comic relief. On Sunday, we decided that we would all go biking (the family and I). We had our sunscreen and our hats and our running shoes and our bikes were out in the driveway. I was sitting on my bike and my mom was beside me on hers. She was attempting to sit on the seat, complaining about how high it was, despite the fact that it hadn't changed since the last time she rode her bike. All of a sudden, she loses her balance and falls into my bike, throwing me off balance. I sit back on my bike and I go ride out into the cul-de-sac. While I'm riding, I feel this weird thing from the back of my bike. I thought it was the chain, but it turns out it was my back wheel! When my mom had fallen on it, she bent my wheel! So I was conveniently left behind to study English.
And now, I must go work. I bid you all adieu.