Friday, 18 June 2010

Locker Clean Out

Today at school near the end of fifth period, our principle came on the PA system and told us to go clean out our lockers. I was very reluctant to do so since it officially meant the end of grade eleven. I share my locker with one of my very best friends and we had written stuff all over inside of the door and posted up sticky notes saying funny things (they're shaped like m's so one day we flipped one upside down and wrote down all the words we could think of that started with the letter w). We had erased a lot of the things the previous week, so it was pretty bare, but when we finally erased everything else, took off the mirror and white board and took out all of our textbooks and binders (except for my fashion textbook and some lined paper) it was sad. The locker look so empty and so bare compared to the cluttered, messy thing that had been grafitied all over with dry-erase markers. So, I realized that stories are not just books or papers on shelves or myths or legends passed down the generations. Stories are also all the little details that remind us of memories, whether they be good or bad. Anyway, for all those authors out there, there are probably a thousand more that haven't been noticed because all they've been doing is writing stuff down on their locker door.