Friday, 25 June 2010

Thoughts on Writing

Aah, exams are finally over. I can relax at last . . . or can I? There's work at the Gallery, weeding, planting, cleaning, friends to see, vacations to go on! Oh, and did I forget to mention writing? So, it won't be as relaxing as I'd like it to be. So what? Actually, I like a lot of alone time for my reading and writing. It helps to relax my mind and take it somewhere else. According to a few friends of mine, I shouldn't think. I should just read. I must agree with them. I'm at my happiest when I'm reading or writing, or vacationing. Or thinking about any of those three things.

When I first got serious about wanting to become an author, or have a career that has to do with English, my parents got me a book for my fifteenth birthday. We had just been travelling along the American East Coast. We had gone to Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, etc. At Salem we went into a rather small interesting gift store. They had all kinds of books and such, especially since that is where Nathaniel Hawthorne's "House of the Seven Gables" is. In the store was a small book called You Know You're a Writer When . . . by Adair Lara. Some writers, or anyone really, might recognize themselves in this book. Here are a few that I find amusing:

1. "Writing is the only thing you do that doesn't make you feel as if you should be doing something else."

2. "You've switched to stretchier pants and looser sweaters to hide the effects of hours at the keyboard."

3. "You think you should do the talk shows first, sell the movie rights, and them if there's time, go back and write the book."

4. "You own more than five pairs of sweatpants."

5. "At work you practice turning off your computer screen quickly, for when someone glances over your shoulder to see what you're writing."

6. "You liked the book better than the movie."

This is only a taste of the many quirky sayings in the book. It's good for a laugh and it's interesting to see if you're one of the writers in the book. I know I am!