Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ramblings of a Teenage Girl

Well, today at 11:20 I will be getting "prepped" (is that a word??) for surgery. Nothing big, just getting my wisdom teeth out. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all. Of course when I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for my turn, that might change. But right now I'm calm, cool, and collected. I've actually had to go to Interface (the place I'm going for my surgery) before in grade 7 to get my four eye-teeth taken out. (When I was younger I had to get a whack full of teeth pulled because my mouth is too small! I've had 14 teeth pulled and these wisdom teeth will brinig the total up to 18!) So, assuming that the prep procedure is relatively similar to that of the last time I was there, it shouldn't be too bad. The last time the nurse had to wake me up and half dragged me across the hall to another room where I could sleep off the morphine. I slept there for an hour while my grandma waited for me to wake up!

I'm rather excited for all of the ice cream and fro yo and smoothies I'll be able to eat since I love all those foods, but right now I'm not a very happy camper. Why? might you ask. Is it because you're getting your teeth pulled? No, actually, it's not. As I have said above, I'm not nervous about that. What I am upset about is the fact that I'm probably not going to eat anything until supper tonight. I'm not allowed to eat anything until after the surgery and I mean, who is going to eat a McFlurry or drink a smoothie right after they've had their gums cut open and their teeth yanked out and has just woken up from being drugged up on morphine? So, that's really peeved me off.

On the plus side, my mom is letting me rent a game for Wii!! YAY!!! My brother, aka: Mojojojo, is bringing the Wii up from the basement so that I can play it while lying on the couch (he's such a good brother). I plan on renting Okami. It's a really interesting game based on multiple Japanese legends and stories. And the artwork in this game is BEAUTIFUL. I dunno, maybe it's because I'm an art junkie but I think the graphics an art in this game are wonderfully done. My brother also wants to rent Alice in Wonderland. He has yet to see it and I think he'll be pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, that's all folks!