Thursday, 5 August 2010


I'm leaving for New York on Monday morning. It will be my first time on a plane, so I'm very nervous. Action movies where the planes always crash don't help much; especially if a fictitious superhero saves the people on the plane before it explodes into a million pieces. So I've packed pretty much everything I need but I'm trying to figure out what to take in my carry-on. Obviously I'm bringing my laptop and it's cord, my iPod, and my book(s). However, I'm doing some research for a story idea (I have about two of these a day and they usually end up as dead ends) so I'm thinking of bringing a few other books. However, there is a weight restriction and we are leaving the safe-haven of Canada (*cough* it's not as safe as all the movies say. We can't leave our doors unlocked, sorry Iron Man. *cough*). I think it will be a great experience though. I love to travel. A few summers ago we just traveled all along the American east coast. It was wonderful and I had such a nice time! Who knew so many Quebecians had cottages in Maine? Who knew people could tell we had accents? (A lady who had been a Canadian told us we had accents. She had moved to the States after marrying.) And who knew you could buy wine/beer at a grocery store? Or marshmallows in a jar? That is just gross. I mean, strawberry flavoured marshmallows in a jar? And I thought Nutella was disgusting. But that is a very biased opinion. I'm sure lots of people like Nutella and marshmallows in a jar and find buying wine/beer at a grocery store very convenient. I enjoy traveling to the States a lot, and I enjoy traveling in Canada too. One day I would love to see the Canadian east coast, and maybe even the west coast too. I would love to see Great Britain and Europe. In travel & tourism, whenever we learned about a new country I would tell one of my friends that I would love to go there. At the end of the semester, she told me that I should just travel the world since I wanted to go to so many places. But really, I am excited about seeing New York! We're going to see a play (Rock of Ages) and we're going to go shopping and do some sight seeing. I can't believe that I'm leaving in only 4 days!!