Friday, 6 August 2010

Where I'm From

Where I'm From

I am from pencils,
from Crayola and sidewalks.
I am from the apple trees in the yard.
(Small, determined, rough bark.)
I am from the Red Maple
the dandelion that always came back
no matter what.

I am from egg hunts and freckles,
from Mom and Dad and Brother.
I am from questioners
and hysterical laughter,
from Go Play! and Turn out your light!
I am from Bow your head in prayer
and cracked bibles.

I am from London and Scotland,
lemon meringue pies and brownies.
From the tractor rides of my uncle
to the barn cats,
and the skinned knees of my brother.

I am from traveling with my family
and visiting friends,
making moments that last forever.
Pictures in frames watching the years go by.
Mementos of times of Laughter and tears.

{The original poem is by George Ella Lyon.}