Monday, 6 September 2010

Grade Twelve Here I Come!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my brother and I. He will be starting grade nine (and is admittedly frightened, which is normal) and I will be starting grade twelve (and am admittedly excited, which is also normal).

I am excited for all of the awesome grade twelve activities, such as PROM, and since I'm in grade twelve dance I will be helping to organize this year's dance show!!!

I've taken the time this summer to really organize my room so that it's not so messy. I've found over the past few days that being more organized helps me feel more organized. I feel like I could take on the world right now (but I won't). I've decided to be more organized and also become more focused on my schoolwork this year since it's my last year and I need to have good grades for my university/college applications.

Since school will be starting I also won't have as much time for writing in my spare time, but I will be doing a lot of writing this year anyway. I am taking grade 12 university English, Canadian literature and creative writing. I am also taking gr. 12 dance, gr.12 university french. art and applied design. I would like to go into the English program at UWO or King's (finger's crossed!!!). I'll probably end up taking french and art as well.

But before I decide what to take NEXT year, I have to get through THIS year (which probably won't be too hard). Wish me luck!

Quote of the day: The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson. - Tom Bodett