Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snow Day Number 3

It was made official last night on the news: today is considered another snow day! Practically everything is shut down. The city buses aren't running, shops are going to be closing early (again) and we're all stuck at home getting ready to murder each other. Seriously, I'm sick of being at home. I want to see my friends!!! The snowplows have been out clearing a lot of the main roads but not all of the side roads have gotten cleared. On Monday we couldn't get cleared because a transport truck had gotten stuck on a hill (there are about 5 hills where I live) and a plow couldn't get through. Yesterday we got one twice and I'm hoping we get another one today.

This road was unplowed yesterday and is still unplowed today I believe.

My brother and I made a snow fort yesterday in one of the snow piles we created from shovelling snow. It took up a lot of time and was a lot of fun making! It even fits the two of us inside of it! That's two, count'em TWO, people over five feet inside a tiny space.

This is the entrance into the fort.

This was taken inside of the fort of another entrance.

This is the entrance leading out into the driveway.

The snow really isn't bad today so I'm not entirely sure why they called a snow day, but it's fine with me. As long as I get to go to school tomorrow, I think I'll be ok.

So, here are a few pictures of the big snow fall in London! It was also a record snow fall, by the way. We haven't seen this much snow since the 70's and three snow days in a row are very hard to come by.

This was a neigbour's driveway. They had a bulldozer in it for some reason.

This was behind Blockbuster.

This was a major road. We were coming back from picking up a Christmas tree.

Someone's car is buried in snow.

Quote of the day: No snow flake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. - Stanislaw Lec