Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Snow Storm Alert! And Apple Pie

Last night I heard the beginning of the storm that is supposed to be the worst we've seen in two years. Funny, I thought all the snow and wind that we had a month and a half ago was the worst we've seen in 20 years . . . But, while the weather forecasters are figuring out which storm (snow dump) was worse, I will be cleaning my closet and hanging out with a very dear friend of mine. We will be making cookies!! I was very excited about exams being over on Monday and I decided to make an apple pie that I had seen on Chef At Home with Michael Smith. It's supposed to be super healthy with whole wheat flour and rolled oats for a crust and honey substituted for sugar (which is odd because I thought honey was pure sugar . . .). Since it is my first (homemade) pie, I thought I would share a picture with the world.

Doesn't it look delicious??

It's actually pretty good. Another healthy choice was substituting vanilla ice cream with vanilla yogurt. It was surprisingly delicious and I shared a slice with a friend who came over yesterday. If you're searching for awesome recipes then check this out and find your own cool recipes.

Well, that closet isn't going to clean itself.

Quote of the Day: I did toy with the idea of doing a cook-book. The recipes were to be the routine ones: how to make dry toast, instant coffee, hearts of lettuce and brownies. But as an added attraction, at no extra charge, my idea was to put a fried egg on the cover. I think a lot of people who hate literature but loved fried eggs would buy it if the price was right. - Groucho Marx