Sunday, 24 April 2011


I have read two amazing books by the author Aprilynne Pike. They are Wings and Spells. The books are very intriguing and, as you probably already guessed, they are about fairies! They focus around one fairy, Laurel, and her struggles with who she is and what she has to do. There's a third book coming out very, very soon!! In 8 days, in fact. I discovered the trailer for the book on Aprilynne's blog, Apparently! and wanted to share it with you all.

*WARNING SPOILER ALERT* The trailer does cover the basic plots and events of both Wings and Spells so if you haven't read those books yet beware!!


Quote of the day: Myth is the hidden part of every story, the buried part, the region that is still unexplored because there as yet no words to enable us to get there. Myth is nourished by silence as well as by words. - Italo Calvino