Thursday, 28 April 2011

Letter to the Editor

Last week my writer's craft class was given an assignment. It was pretty self-explanatory, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in response to any article. Mine was in response to an article that was talking about the members of a community in the north end of the city were complaining about and against a possible apartment complex going up in the middle of their residential community. We were asked to send these into the newspaper (London Free Press) and if they got printed we would receive four bonus points. Mine was printed in the paper today, one of four that were printed in the newspaper last week and this week from our class.

Wrong place for complex

After reading the article Development opponents optimistic, determined (April 18) I agreed with the members of the Old Stoneybrook Community Association. Putting an apartment complex in an already developed residential community poses many problems. Where would the tenants park? How would the complex be entered and where? Would the sewage system have to be adjusted for this? When there are so many abandoned buildings in the city, it would be cimple just to refurbish one of those buildings since the above mentioned problems are already taken care of. A large city requires apartments, but placing a complex in an already developedcommunity is not the answer to urban sprawl. No one wants people looking in their backyard. Before building new buildings, all of the options should be explored.