Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Script

In writer's craft we were working on script writing and this is what I came up with. Let me know what you think!

A green forest. It has just recently rained. Water glistens on trees and falls from the canopy above. Birds can be heard overhead. A red fox steps out from the foliage and moves cautiously into view. A sudden crash is heard from far away. The fox is startled and hurries away. The crashing sound continues. Zoom into the forest, in the direction of the sound. The camera bursts into a clearing. Stumps litter the ground and trees lie fallen. Machines pick up the trees and drag them away. Men’s voices are shouting over the sound of the machinery. Machinery drones on. Trees keep falling.

Scott: How many more acres?

George: I don’t know. You’d have to ask Bobby.

Scott: Bobby!

Bobby: Turns to see who called his name. Sees Scott, waves and walks over, carefully picking his way through the tree wreckage. Hey Scott, George, what’s up? Looks at each of them in turn.

Scott: How many more acres?

Bobby: Cups his ear. What?

Scott: Cups his mouth. How many more acres for today?

Bobby: Two more and then we can start cleaning this crap up. Head office called and we also need to start replanting some of these trees.

George: Laughs boisterously. They want us to replant this shit? Kicks a fallen tree.

A loud creaking sound is heard in the forest. The workers stop and listen. Machinery is still running.

George: Leans over to Scott. Whispers while staring at the forest in front of them. Did you hear that?

Bobby: Pulls out his walkie talkie. Tell everyone to shut off their engines!

Greg: Voice crackles over. We still have two acres to cut . . .

Bobby: I don’t care how many acres are left! I said, tell everyone to cut their fucking engines! I want all machinery to stop running!

Greg: Yes sir!

Scott: Turns to Bobby and stares at him wide-eyed. What are you going to do?

Bobby: Mutters a few swear words before turning to look at his co-workers. I don’t know, probably have everyone evacuate the area. Shakes head.

Scott: Voice rises as he waves his arms wildly. You can’t have everyone leave just because a forest creaks! It was probably the wind!

George: Watches the two of them yelling at each other.

Another loud creaking sound is heard, making everyone stop and listen again. Machinery is shut off.

Bobby: Pulls out his walkie talkie again. Greg, you there?

Greg: Yeah Bobby?

Bobby: Hesitates and looks at the forest before speaking. Get me head office.

Scott and George both look at Bobby like he’s crazy.

Greg: Voice crackles over after a few seconds. You sure about that Bobby?

A loud crashing sound is heard not far away.

Bobby: Holds the walkie talkie up to his mouth. Don’t test me, Greg! Just get me head office!

A few seconds pass.

Greg: Patching you in Bobby.

Mr. Johnson: What is it Bobby?

Bobby: Mr. Johnson, it appears we have a problem . . .

All is quiet as everyone looks around uneasily.

Mr. Johnson: Gruff voice breaks the silence. What is it Bobby?

Bobby: You know that situation they had in BC last year?

Mr. Johnson: In the Delta sector?

Bobby: Dragging out the “a” sound in “that”. That’s the one.

Mr. Johnson: What about it?

Bobby: Swallows. Adam’s apple bobs. We are experiencing it right now sir.

Mr. Johnson: A string of curses is heard over the walkie talkie. Get your men out of there right now! I want your men and machinery gone by sundown! Do you understand me?

Bobby: Yes sir! Turns to look at his co-workers. You heard what Johnson said! I want every single person and piece of machinery out of here before sun set!

Everyone begins talking again and the machines are started up again. Everyone is in reverse as they leave the clearing and start heading back to the town just beyond the forest. Bobby climbs onto his tractor and starts it up. George begins to walk back with everyone else. Scott is standing still, looking at everyone with disbelief.

Scott: Bull shit!

Bobby: Brakes and looks at Scott.

Scott: Pointing wildly at the forest behind him. There’s nothing in there! It’s just trees! Glares at Bobby for a moment. I’m going in there. I was paid to do twenty acres so I’m going to do twenty acres!

Bobby: Are you insane? Do you know what’s in there?

Scott: Using arms dramatically, voice rising. There’s nothing in there! There’s nothing to be afraid of!

Bobby: Turns more comfortably in his seat. Did you hear what happened in BC Scott?

Scott: No.

Bobby: Those same sounds were heard in Bella Coola, BC. They thought nothing of it and so continued their work. The deeper they went the louder and close the sounds. One morning, the workers returned to their site to find all of their machinery destroyed and their security guards killed. All over the clearing were footprints too large to belong to any person . . . or animal.

Scott: You seriously think I’m going to believe that air quotes “big foot” attacked one of our sites in BC?

Bobby: Shrugs shoulder and turns to drive away again. Suit yourself. He begins to drive away and Scott turns to head into the forest alone with his saw.

Cut to where his co-workers have gathered beyond the forest’s borders. The sun is setting. Machinery surrounds a diner where they’re all inside eating. Laughter and talk can be heard. A scream pierces the still night. Camera pans quickly to the forest. An aerial shot of birds flying out of trees cawing. Cut to the clearing where two red eyes are blinking in the shadows of the trees. They’re too high off the ground to belong to anything human.