Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Today is the day that we all take the time to celebrate those women who are closest to us. Those women who have picked us up when we fell down, baked cakes only to watch them disappear in our mouths without getting a bite, helped us with our homework and chased away the bad monsters under the bed/in the closet. These women are caretakers, working women, stay at home ladies, single women and every other woman in between. They are, the mother. Take some time today to call your mother, give her a hug, say "I love you" or give her a gift. After all, she picked out your clothes, washed your dirty underwear and had to deal with you tracking mud through the house after she had just finished cleaning.

To all mothers today, no matter where or who you are, Happy Mothers Day!

Quote of the day: A mother is a lady who, up to her eyes in the washing can be compiling a grocery list, explaining the causes of the Hundred Years War, mixing an authentic grass green from a worn-out paint box, finding a lost ballet shoe, rubbing down a saturated dog, watching a batch of cakes and dealing with a Jehovah's Witness. - Pam Brown, b. 1928