Friday, 9 September 2011

New Beginnings

Ok, I'm officially beginning to feel old. I know I'm truly not that old, but still, I feel like it. I started my first day of class at King's yesterday and while riding the bus over I began thinking about my first day of grade 1, "real" school. That is how I began to feel old. Then I remembered how in grade 8 we had all felt better than the "little" kids because we were the ones in grade 8. Then I graduated and became a niner and it started all over again. I remember on my first day of grade 9 I was walking down a hallway to get to my second period class and turned around to go down another hallway because extraordinarily tall people were walking toward me and I was short. Then I eventually got to grade 12 and felt on top of the world once more because I was a "senior student". And now that I have graduated high school I am dropped to the bottom once more and am a Nervous Nelly.

However, the difference between first day of high school and first day of university is that there have been a week's worth of activites going on so that we can all meet new people and we already know people when we start classes, as opposed to one orientation day in high school.

I rather enjoy university, even though it's only been two days. Both the professors I've had have been really cool people and the courses seem very interesting. This year I am taking Forms of Fiction: Intro to Narrative, Modern Europe: 1715 to Present Day, Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Geography, Creative Writing and Questions of the Day. I'm hoping Creative Writing can help me build my portfolio so I can apply for the second year class at King's and hopefully be accepted.

Do you remember your first day of school, any school?

Quote of the day: Listen or thy tongue will keep thee deaf. - American Indian Proverb