Monday, 31 October 2011

Challenge Yourself

Starting tomorrow I will be partaking in two events for the month of November. 1. Nanowrimo, which I am SUPER excited about. This is actually the first year I am participating (see my earlier post) and I hope to finish with the needed 50 000 words at the end of the month. And 2. 30-day Vegan East Challenge. This means that I will be cutting out any and all animal byproducts out of my diet. This will be kind of difficult since I am a major meat-eater. Both my parents and my brother laughed and said "Good luck" sarcastically. I hope to prove to them that just because I'm a meat-eater it doesn't mean I can't eat vegan foods.

Also, happy halloween! I went to a Halloween "intimate get-together" at a friend's house and we watched Bettlejuice and Rocky Horror Picture Show. I went as an owl since my owl obsession continues.

Quote of the day: And though you fight to stay alive/Your body starts to shiver/For no mere mortal can resist/The evil of the thriller - Thriller by Michael Jackson