Monday, 2 July 2012

Travel Writing Series Intro + Uniontown, PA Day 1

I've decided I want to start a travel writing series. I am lucky enough to be able to travel with my family very often and I would like to share what we do on our trips. I like to creep check out other people's blogs/vlogs/etc when they travel because it gives me lots of ideas for when my family travels. I'm going to do these posts one day at a time so that it's not so overwhelming and in your face.

Uniontown, PA Day 1: Friday

I finished up my packing, which actually took quite some time, in the morning. My brother, dad and I were home packing up the truck and waiting for my mom to come home because she still had to work. We ended up leaving at 3:15, an hour and fifteen minutes later than we had expected to, because her meeting had gone much later than expected. We crossed the border at the Peace Bridge at Fort Erie. It was really quick and fast, probably the fastest we've ever crossed the border. And we have crossed plenty of times so trust me when I say this was fast. There was absolutely no line up. None. Zilch. It was incredible. Did I mention that there was no line up?

We drove to our hotel at Hamburg, NY. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and I was very impressed. It was super clean and spiffy. It looked even cleaner next to a Red Roof Inn that looked rather run down.

We got in around six so once we had dropped everything off at the hotel we walked the two minutes to a restaurant that was in front of the hotel next to the highway. This restaurant was called the Waterstone Grill. Just to warn you, I love food. I absolutely love good food and I am not afraid to critique a restaurant's service and food because it's a very important part of my life. Very important. The service at this restaurant was atrocious. Absolutely horrible. I don't think we've had worse service, except maybe at a restaurant in Port Huron when they lost our order and the waitress was too afraid to come speak to us about it. But at least the manager came out and apologized there and the food was good. At the Waterstone, the service was just awful. We got in to the restaurant at about 6:45 and was told that it would be a ten minute wait, tops. We sat at the bar and ordered some drinks while we waited (water for me and my brother of course). And we sat. And we sat. It was after seven before the bartender asked us if we were waiting for a table, which we replied to in the positive. He talked to whoever was at the stand and came back to tell us we had already been called. Now I think that this was wrong. I had been listening and had not heard our name called at all. My dad has the sharpest hearing EVER and did not hear our name called. There was also a really large group sitting next to us at the bar that the hostess kept speaking to and ignored us completely. When we were seated it was just after eight before we obtained any food. I ordered a beef sandwich (because I LOVE ma beef!). It was beef (obviously) with cheese on a bun with french fries. The sandwich was okay, there was a lot of grizzle which I thought was rather unnecessary. I simply kept to my water. I started feeling nauseous near the end of my sandwich and wasn't sure if it was due to the food or the fact that I had been travelling for many hours and had already felt a bit nauseous earlier. All in all I would give that experience a three. Maybe a four. Oh! Did I also mention that our booth was right next to the kitchen? Waiters and waitresses were constantly coming and going and I almost ran into one while leaving because there was a wall blocking my view and I could not see anything beyond it.

And then we returned to our hotel and relaxed before going to sleep.

Quote of the day: Resist much, obey little. - Walt Whitman