Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uniontown, PA Day 4

Uniontown, PA Day 4: Monday

Monday we woke up around eight but realized we needed to rush because breakfast only went to nine during the weekdays at our hotel instead of ten. This time the room was even fuller. I honestly cannot imagine where all of these people were going, unless they were also headed to Fallingwater or visiting relatives. There were also a lot of elderly people, so I'm not too sure they were heading to Fallingwater.

After breakfast we packed up our things and headed off. We drove back to the Grove City Premier Outlets. Apparently my mom had not gone to some shops that she had wanted to see on Saturday when we were initially shopping there. I am usually a shopping girl but I had no money left (gasp!) and didn't really feel like shopping, which was quite a shocker. Instead, whilst my mother was shopping, I sat in the car with my brother and dad. We were out in an hour, which is probably a record for my mom, and were driving toward the border once again. Long car rides tend to make me sleepy so I took a nap and listened to my Disney music, a must for every person.

We made it to the border and stopped at the Duty Free, as you do. I didn't see anything I liked so I didn't pick anything up (I had $10 Cdn). My mom and dad bought their bottles of Bailey, a bag of M&Ms and a black neck pillow, which I tried out for my mom the rest of the way home (Note: very comfortable).

When we finally made it home we stopped at a nearby Mr. Sub and grabbed some dinner before driving to our house. We carted everything in and put stuff away, although I still have my suitcase full of clothes and items on my floor in my bedroom.

I went to bed, and that was the end of the Uniontown trip.

Quote of the day: Living is a horizontal fall. - Jean Cocteau