Tuesday, 2 October 2012

October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge Day 2

Saoirse Second Year

The other courtiers whispered about Brighde and Sealbhach. The most popular rumour was that their daughter had died days after she had been born. Several others said that Brighde had miscarried, that the child was locked in a tower, and that she had been so deformed the couple had been obliged to kill her. The lesser circulated rumour was that she was a silvern. No one paid much attention to those rumours.

Whenever Brighde heard them she turned up her nose and went to comfort her two year old daughter. She was beginning to speak. her sentences were much more formal than the other two year olds in the palace. She ran around the nursery, forcing her mother to chase after her.

One day Brighde fell asleep with Saoirse in her arms. The little girl gently wiggled her way out of her mother's grasp and slipped to the floor. She could hear someone's thoughts on the other side of her door.

Hoping it was her father, she quickly ran to the door and pulled it open. Instead of her father, standing before her were two young girls. They were Artair's daughters, gone searching for the trapped cousin. Deirdre, the eldest at five years, gasped loudly. Morrigan, who was the same age as Saoirse, simply stared. "You're a silvern!" Deirdre whispered loudly.

The door slammed close. Saoirse looked up. Standing over her was her mother in tears. She kneeled down and forced her daughter to look her in the eye. "Saoirse, you must never open that door. Do you understand me?"

Saoirse simply nodded, her eyes wide as she looked at her mother, slowly comprehending Brighde's thoughts. "I understand."

Her mother hugged her tightly, hoping her nieces would be silent. She had always laughed off the rumour that Saoirse was a silvern in public, and she knew that courtiers would simply laugh at the imaginative daughters of Artair. She still held her daughter close, as if she could protect her from all of the scorn and mockery that would one day be directed at Saoirse if anyone found out what she was.

Quote of the day: If you kin see de light at daybreak, you don't keer if you die at dusk. It's so many people never seen de light at all. - Zora Neale Hurston