Thursday, 4 October 2012

October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge Day 4

Saoirse Fourth Year

Saoirse became close friends with her cousins. Brighde watched as her daughter grew more confident around the other girls whilst Beathag kept a close eye on anyone who became suspicious of the little girl.

The young silvern became enamoured with her city in the forest. It was beautiful and enchanting. There was always something happening, and always one place she hadn't been. She dragged her mentor all over town trying to find out its secrets. Although she was beginning to know Aberness, she had yet to explore what lay beyond it. The trees and rivers and mountains were not familiar to her at all.

Beathag decided it was time to take her beyond the walls. They stepped beyond the city's gates and Saoirse was awe-struck. Before her were trees that reached the sky. They were enormously tall and wide. The amount of greenery was astounding. Birds sang in their homes and other animal sounds could be heard around them.

The elder silvern took Saoirse only a little way beyond the city's walls. They played in the river that ran nearby and searched for pretty stones.

As Saoirse was searching for a stone for her mother, a little bird alighted on a nearby branch. She looked up and watched it curiously. The bird cocked its head and twittered at her. Saoirse gently focused on the bird and heard its gentle singing thoughts. She whistled to it and titled her head to one side. The bird replied in kind, hopping a little closer. She encouraged the bird to sit on her hand and smiled. She called to Beathag with her mind and looked up at her with the biggest smile.

Beathag smiled back and whistled to the bird. It looked at her and cocked its head before flying off. "Very impressive, Saoirse. Let's go tell your mother and father about what you did today."

Saoirse nodded and followed the older lady. Suddenly, Beathag became rigid. She turned her head this way and that, as if to hear something clearer. She pushed Saoirse forward. "Run, girl, run! Get inside the gates!"

The young girl ran without thinking, obeying Beathag's command. The older silvern followed less agilely. Behind them, men were chasing them. They were dressed in dark green and wore scarves that covered their faces. The men notched their arrows and began shooting at the pair.

"Run, Saoirse! Keep going," Beathag yelled. They stumbled through the gates, but did not stop. Beathag found a nearby soldier.

"Raiders! There are raiders beyond the walls!" she shouted at him. He nodded and signalled to the soldiers on the wall. Arrows rained down on the enemy.

Saoirse stood in the midst of the confusion with her eyes wide. Silver began to peak through her green irises. Beathag immediately went over to her and held her close. "Are you all right dear? Are you hurt?"

She could only shake her head.

The older woman gently stroked her hair, repeatedly saying, "It's all right, it's going to be okay."

Saoirse watched over her mentor's shoulder as the men on the wall fired arrows down at the men beyond. She made a promise to herself that one day she would be able to use a bow and protect the people of her fair city.

Quote of the day: You never really understand a person until you consider things form his point of view . . . Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. - Harper Lee