Saturday, 6 October 2012

October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge Day 6

Saoirse Sixth Year

Saoirse grew to be afraid of her eyes when she discovered what others thought of silverns. On occasion she would forget to change her eye colour. Whenever this happened the king and his family would act as though they were not related. Many others who saw her were also afraid of her eyes. Her father never called her by her given name whenever her eyes were silver in public. Instead he would call her by her silvern name: Silverhart. He had given it to her when he had spotted a silver hart racing through the wood one day.

One day two boys and a much older girl were pushing her around. They had been in the castle courtyard and not many people were around.
"Why do you have silver eyes? I want silver eyes!" the fat boy said as he pushed her to the ground.
"I think I deserve the silver eyes," the girl said as she kicked Saoirse in the side.
Saoirse curled up in a ball and placed her hands over her head as her father had taught her in case she was attacked by a wild animal.
"What do you think would happen if we cut out her silver eyes?" the lean boy asked. He produced a knife as long as his forearm and advanced on her.
She saw the knife in his hand and her eyes grew wide. She began shaking her head and closed her eyes tight, squeezing them shut. "No, no, no, no! Please, leave me be. Go away!" She heard their thoughts in her head. They were abusing her, calling her names, thinking about what they could do with a knife to her. To her eyes. "No!" She was shaking now, the boy with the knife only inches away from her face as he leaned down, leering at her.
"You there, what are you doing with Silverhart?"
The voice was familiar and warm. The children ran away in fear. They did not want to be caught taunting the king's property.
Saoirse felt strong, warm arms wrap around her and lift her off of the ground. As she was carried into the wooden palace the familiar voice spoke soothing words. She was placed on a bed and a hand rested on her shoulder.
"What were they doing, Saoirse?"
It was her father. He had rescued her from the horrible, horrible children.
"They wanted to cut out my eyes, father." Tears seeped through her closed lids onto her face and dripped onto her pillow. "They wanted to know if I would still have my power without my eyes. If they could take it from me. They wanted to cut out my eyes," she whispered. 

Quote of the day: Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something. - William Goldman