Sunday, 7 October 2012

October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge Day 7

Saoirse Seventh Year

After the incident that had occurred the year previous, Saoirse always maintained her green eyes. They were never silver, even in private, for fear that someone would see.

In her seventh year, Saoirse's wish to learn how to use a bow was granted. Her father took her to the home of the Forest Archers, protectors of Aberness.

The Forest Archers' home was in the boughs of an extremely tall and thick tree. Its leaves hid the platforms and masked the buildings, hiding them from view. A long stair extended out from the trunk and led up into the foliage above.

Saoirse and Sealbhach stepped through a simple doorway and into a simply furnished room. The most elaborate thing in the room were the knots and designs that were displayed all throughout the region of Dunan.

"Hello, may I be of service to you?" a man asked as he approached the pair.

"Good morrow, Paton. My daughter wishes to join your services," Sealbhach said as he shook the man's hand.

Paton looked down at Saoirse as she looked up at him. He was a very tall man, and barrel-chested. His reddish hair was a shock against his pale skin. His clothes were very simple and he wore his quiver on his back.

Saoirse was tall for her age and her dark curly hair was getting long. She was scrawny and dressed simply in something that did not fit her correctly. Her large eyes stared out of her pale face obstinately.

"Do you think you'll be a good shot, girl?" Paton asked.

She nodded her head.

He gave her a miniature bow and some small arrows. Standing her in front of a target he told her to shoot an arrow and try to hit the middle. He showed her how to hold the bow and notch the arrow. When she was ready he stood back. Sealbhach watched anxiously.

Saoirse held the bow and arrow in her hands and aimed at the center of the target. She took a steadying breath and released the arrow. It flew through the air and hit the target dead-on.

Paton's jaw dropped. "You certainly have one talented daughter, Lord Sealbhach," he said when he had recovered.

Her father rubbed the back of his head with his hand. "Yes, she's rather talented."

"May I join the Archers?" Saoirse asked as she stood before the archer.

Paton leaned down. "We shall start training immediately. You'll be spending a lot of time practising  do you understand? And no dresses. Wear trousers and a tunic, they won't limit you as much. I expect you here tomorrow after you break your fast, all right?"

She nodded her head solemnly.

Quote of the day: Do one thing every day that scares you. - Eleanor Roosevelt