Tuesday, 9 October 2012

October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge Day 9

Saoirse Ninth Year

After Fearghas discovered that Saoirse was a silvern and that she was being trained by Beathag, he decided to have a part in her education. He found out she had abandoned her studies for archery and made it his mission to turn her into a scholar.

He started out small, reintroducing her to the basics and not advancing until he was absolutely certain she had mastered them. Once she started she advanced quickly. Her knowledge grew as Fearghas fed her information. Her days became full of archery and her lessons.

One day Fearghas told Saoirse he wanted to show her something special. He led her through the palace corridors and into the heart of the building. They stopped before two large ornately carved wooden doors. He pushed the doors open and they stepped into a large room. It was full of shelves upon shelves of books and manuscripts. Large windows allowed light to filter into the room and illuminate the book stacks.

Saoirse stared at everything. She turned around to take it all in.

"What is this place?" she finally managed to ask.

"This is the palace library. This is where all of the history of Dunan and even Abermuir is stored in Aberness. And as a member of the royal family, you have full access to it."

"I can read all of this?"

He chuckled. "Well, as much as you can before you die. Where would you like to start?"

"The history of the cities."

Fearghas steered her toward the section where the history of Abermuir was stored. She pulled a manuscript at random and sat down at the nearest table. She spent the entire afternoon pouring over the manuscript. Every night after that she read a manuscript.

He smiled. He was happy to have inspired such a scholarly love in the young silvern.

Quote of the day: Reading one book is like eating one potato chip. - Diane Duane