Monday, 24 November 2014

Day Out at Winter Wheat

I finally had a Saturday off so my boyfriend and I took advantage of it and went on an adventure! We decided to go to Winter Wheat, a place just outside of Sparta, a small town in Ontario.

It's a really neat place that's decorated with lots of cool little statues. There's a pretty large wooded property with a store, small buildings, and lots of great decorations. It's a cool place to go to wander around and get into the holiday spirit!

How cute are these metal flowers?? You can purchase pretty well everything that's on display, aside from the actual metal statues (see the woman in the picture above?). Those are for decoration, but everything else is so cute for the garden. 

My boyfriend and I found this little set up to be particularly funny, especially since there was snow on the ground. 

There are lots of these little sheds/buildings all over the property that you can go in and visit. They're all decorated very rustic and look so cool. I wish I had decorating skills like that!

 This is the house of the owners. It looks so cool! I would definitely love to have a house like this one day. It's so unique and pretty, definitely one of a kind.

Since Christmas season is coming the little buildings were decorated for Christmas. This building was actually heated and had some coffee and cookies to enjoy. I loved the way these beams were wrapped with the strings of lights and fabric, lots of decorating inspiration here!

This greenhouse was right next to the previous building. It looks like it would be amazing in the summer when it's sunny and warm, but in the winter it's only cold and grey. It's still a pretty neat building though!

 I've been to Winter Wheat a few times in the past, but this building is brand new so I had to go check it out. The roof is clear due to whatever material was used, and there are lots of windows, which I loved.

 How cute are these metal deer?? They're so neat and interesting. I don't think I've seen anything like this in the city.

 This is the front door of the actual store. It's just so festive! I loved all of the Christmas decorations they had for sale, although I didn't pick anything up.

 This window is so gorgeous! I love the little owls in the bottom lefthand corner. They're adorable and  really well priced! Places like this really make me wish I was done university and living on my own. I seriously cannot wait to start decorating my own place.

Just thought I'd leave you with this cute little festive cat.

What are you guys doing to get into the Christmas spirit? Are there any special places you like to go to and things you like to do? Let me know in the comments below!

Quote of the day: Life is too short to be lived badly. - Marjane Satrapi