Friday, 30 January 2015

Nudestix: Review

I haven't posted a makeup review on here in a while, so I thought I'd break up the book reviews with one. I just received a package from Sephora in the mail containing, amongst the pile of freebies and testers, some Nudestix products! I read a blog post on Sephora and thought that using pencils/crayons was such a cool way to apply makeup. There are already eye pencils and lip products, but Ally and Taylor (shoutout to these Canadian girls!) have taken it to a whole new level. There are eye pencils, contour pencils, lip and cheek pencils, coverup, and lip gloss pens.

I was very intrigued (especially since it's a Canadian brand) and thought I'd give them a go! Unfortunately, they're not available at my local Sephora so I had to order them. They are available at certain Sephora locations, Amazon, Beautylish, Cult Beauty, Lipstick Republic, Space.NK, Urban Outfitters, Veer and Wander, and 27 Pinkx. There's also a map on the website so you can find a store near you that carries the product.

First of all, let's talk about the packaging. I think these black matte tins are such a cool idea. There's a massive mirror in there and lots of room so you can use them to carry your makeup around with you or travel with. I also really enjoy the little slip of paper that tells you about the product and gives you little tips and tricks on using them. I think that for one product the tin is a bit wasteful, but so long as you reuse it it's great.

Eye Pencil in Pewter; Sculpting Pencil in Light/Medium
The packaging of the product is so sleek and simple. I love how streamlined and simple the pencils look. There's nothing crazy fancy about them or anything which is great. I like how the eye pencils have a little smudger on the other end, and the sculpting stick has the highlight on one end and the contour on the other.

Eye Pencil in Pewter, Sculpting Pencil in Light/Medium

Eyes: Pewter and Sculpting Pencil in Light; Cheeks: Hourglass blush in Incandescent Electra and Sculpting Pencil in Light/Medium
Now let's get to the product! The eye pencil is fabulous. It goes on really nice and smooth and has really great colour payoff. It's really easy to smudge out, which is one of the reasons I bought it, but dries and sticks on your eyelid after. I found that applying a primer works best to minimalize creasing. I've seen people complaining about the amount of creasing of this eye colour, but I found that there was next to none with the primer. A little bit of creasing is fine by me, so long as the colour isn't pooling in my crease and smudging off the lid. I think the fact that it's a pencil is great because it's really easy to smoke out and get that effortless wash of colour. I also like to line my bottom lash line and smudge it out for a wearable everyday smokey look. Pewter is a greyish-brown kind of colour with a very slight shimmer, which I really like. It reminds me of MAC paint pot in Groundwork. It works with pretty much everything, making it a great everyday colour.

The sculpting pencil in light/medium is also really neat. I like how the highlight and contour colour are in one pencil, making it really easy. The light is a good highlight for me. It's nice and creamy, but not shimmery. I like to pair this with my Hourglass blushes because the blushes are already shimmery. Now, here's where I have to give a bit of criticism. The contour colour is my exact skin tone, which makes it great as a cover up, but not that great as a contour. I'm wearing it in the picture and, as you can see, it's not obvious. I do like it as it's still nice and creamy and I'll definitely be using it as a concealer, but not a contour. The concealer sticks provide better options so that you can mix and match for contouring and highlighting, but I do like how the sculpting pencils have both in one. It would be great if there was a way to mix and match and snap them together so you could create your own sculpting pencil. Just a thought.

Over all, I love these products. They're fabulous. Price-wise? It's a bargain at $28 Cdn. You would find similar products of similar quality for higher prices in Laura Mercier and other brands. I would highly recommend these to anyone trying out makeup for the first time, or even someone who is already a veteran makeup user.

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